Drama Workshop 3-6

"Intermediate & Upper-Intermediate Acting"

Int. Drama Class Syllabus.pdf

Mandatory class dates*- 

*if you are unable to attend any of the above dates- you need to let Mrs. G know BEFORE we set the cast list for each project. Your participation is crucial to OUR success. 

Insights from Class

I definitely have grown in my time management skills.”- Samora

“(I’ve learned) to work with difficult people. Because even though I’ve managed to get along with everyone, there are still a couple people that I have to put a bit more effort into to not cause drama. I feel like this is a pretty crucial skill to have especially as someone who wants to stay in theatre throughout adult life.”- anonymous

“My favorite elements were the choosing of plays and reading of monologues. I really enjoyed choosing plays, especially when we read them as a group because it was so interesting to see what other people thought of it. I also liked reading monologues because it was just extremely fun to memorize and perform them. “- Megan

“One of my favorite projects from this year would probably be the One Act, because I feel like it brought the whole class together more, and that we were trying to reach the same goal. I loved how well we did and how it brought us all together.”- anonymous

"My favorite project has been the children's show. I wholeheartedly loved that show so much, like if i could’ve both been in the audience and the show at the same time I would’ve. I loved my roles that I played i feel like I did pretty good at making them all different while simultaneously making them all feel developed and like no one has more attention than the other. I also loved the way this made us closer as a class especially due to our lack of run crew. Also on opening night when we lost Aries, the way everyone stepped help to help out and make the show as true to where it was as possible was amazing. It really showed how well we all work together.”- Selena

Our 2022 Drama WS 4  class produced: 

Our 2023 Drama WS 4 & 6 class produced: 

Our 2024 Drama WS 4 & 6  class produced: 

 Advice from Previous Students

“Dreams ARE important. Hope IS important. Self-discipline IS important. But DEDICATION is key.”  


“Just come in try your best be yourself and keep showing up even if you don't see the improvement now.”- Samora

“My advice to future ¾ class members is to not stress about performing. All the people around you are fellow drama kids and they won't judge you, ever! If you become all tense about performing you will affect your performance and give yourself stress wrinkles which no one wants. Remember, acting is something you learn, not something that you are born with. You will get better.”- Megan

“Some advice I would give the incoming members would be to please be aware of your role in this class and this is not meaning like acting/ tech role, I mean your role as you. You have such an important role in this class and everyone has their own piece of the puzzle and without that puzzle we wouldn’t be a complete picture. I feel like people sell themselves short and think that we don’t need them but that is so not true. We work together as as team and have to work that way, a team with just one person isn’t a team it’s a dictatorship.”- Selena