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2022-2023 Officer Photos

Thespian Officers Descriptions

International Thespian Society Officers are elected officials. Our 5 officers plan, organize, and run our Thespian meetings and events. Their responsibilities are detailed below:

All Officers (president, vice president, secretary, clerk, historian) - attend all officer meetings during CCRC Wednesdays and Fridays to plan upcoming Thespian meetings with agenda items and improv games, plan and execute theatre fundraisers, organize meet ups to attend other schools' productions, and organize middle and elementary school outreach. They assist with publicity for upcoming productions. Officers greet all members at all functions, and run and participate in all Thespian meetings. All officers must be existing ITS members or be actively working towards their induction.

President - responsible for assisting troupe director, lead Thespian meetings with specific agendas, organize activities, and upholds troupe expectations, as well as organize events and our annual award ceremony.

Vice President - responsible for assisting president in all activities, and serves as president when the president can not be present.

Secretary - keeps track of agendas and minutes for Thespian meetings, and references previous year's minutes as needed for planning purposes. 

Clerk - responsible for maintaining accurate point records (including up-to-date contact information) and making them available for each student’s personal review and to the director when designating honors at awards ceremonies. Serves as secretary when secretary is not present.

Historian - responsible for documenting activities through photography and videography, and posting photos/videos on our website and social media channels.