Thespian Troupe 2959


2021-2022 Thespian Officers

Aries, president

Emma, vice president

Selena, secretary

Mia, clerk

Gen, historian

2022-2023 Nominees for Office

Selena L. for President-

Hello!! My name is Selena and I am running for president!! I am going to be a senior next year and have been involved in Mitchell theatre since my freshman year. Theatre has been a big part of my life (maybe the biggest) since I was little. I've done as many Mitchell productions as I could get my hands on. I love the rush I get when I go out on stage so I'm primarily a performer although I've done a few little things with tech here and there. I have pretty great and regular attendance so I would be able to make pretty much all the meetings. I was Thespian secretary this year so I will always be there to assist the future secretary with any and every thing involving that. I also have great experience with organizing the group and keeping us all on task as well as listening to everyone's ideas and participating in the conversation all a once. So you can say I feel I can make a good president because I have a ton of past experience in juggling everything all at once. I thrive in stressful environments and feel I would make a good president for Thespian.

Mia R. for Vice President-

My name is Mia and I’m running for VP. I am an incoming senior but a junior now, who has been involved in Mitchell theater since freshman year. My first show being Kid Simple and my most recent being She kills Monsters. I’ve been involved in many shows as well as being apart of Thespian as the clerk for this last year. I would be a great VP because I’m always at Thespian meetings and I have good grades so I’m always able to attend officer meetings. I would like Thespian to be a very open space for everyone to enjoy. I would also like Thespian to start being a place where our peers won't let the expectations and opinions of other people affect their decisions. It's your life, not theirs. I would also like this to be a safe place for everyone; this is very important to me because I want everyone to feel comfortable being themselves. She’s, he’s, they’s are all welcome and I’d like to impact them as much as possible because I’ve learned from so many people that you never really know the true impact you have on those around you. You never know how much someone needed that smile you gave them. You never know how much your kindness turned someone's entire life around. I just want everyone to be kind, because you never know how much someone needs it. And Thespian could start being the place for kindness to spread! Thank you so much, and have a great rest of your day!

Abdulhaq A. for Secretary-

Hello people of Thespian Society. My name is Abdulhaq Alrudaini. I am a rising junior and I will be running for secretary. I started theatre when Mrs. Goodwin sent me a recruitment letter, and ever since then I've fully dedicated myself to it. I absolutely love theatre because of the fun and joy and the lame and sad moments we share as a cast, because of the programs and opportunities we get; I love the Art itself but most importantly, the community we have. As secretary, I not only plan to do the job description and do it well, but I'm also going to put forth all of my skills and abilities such as my outstanding communication and leadership skills. Some of my skills which are valuable assets for a secretary are my organization, detailed focus, and my strong memory. I'm all about dedication and determination, and I will happily dedicate myself to our program and to our people so that we can build a new and even greater program from the foundation we have with the power of teamwork. Looking at all of the potential people I'll be working with, I am very excited for the future of our program. Thank you all for tuning in, and I do hope to see you in office.

Aja P. for Secretary-

Hello! My name is Aja Pineda, and I am running for the position of Secretary. I am an incoming sophomore, who has been involved in Mitchell theatre for my entire freshman year of high school. I have done two shows here at Mitchell. I was in the school's musical "All Together Now" and in the spring production of "She Kills Monsters". I believe I would be a good fit because I am dedicated to the theatre program here at Mitchell and I would love to make it a place that all students can feel like they belong. As we get incoming freshman into our school I would like to help them to get comfortable with our school and help them to not be as afraid when they walk into a brand new school. I plan to help Thespian by creating a safe space for people to be involved in theatre and feel comfortable being themselves as they become involved in the theatre community. I have attended thespian meetings and though it is very fun and loving, there is always room for improvement. Thank you for considering me for the position of your future secretary! Have a wonderful day everyone!

Rin E. for Clerk-

My name is Rin and I'm running for clerk. I am an incoming senior who has been involved in MHS theater since the start of this year in backstage crew in "All Together Now" and then acting in "She Kills Monsters". MHS theater to me means and ultimate for of expression and acceptance. It has been to me a second home and I've made a family here. I want to see Thespian do more with other schools and do events with other schools. I want to see us do more one acts and talent shows. I want Theater and Thespian club to continue to be a place where anyone can belong and become family. I think I would be a great officer because I always have had good grades and will be able to attend all of the meetings. I think I will be good at clerk because I am a very organized person.

Gen D. for Clerk/Historian-

Hi! My name is Gen, and I am running for historian or clerk. I do not wish to be elected for both. I am an incoming sophomore, and I've been involved in MHS theatre all of my freshman year, being in both the fall production of "All Together Now!" and the spring production of "She Kills Monsters" as well as serving as historian. I also served as historian and vice president at my middle school with Miss G, where we ran drama club completely online. I'd like to serve as clerk or continue serving as historian, for I enjoy making a safe place for everyone to have fun and be themselves, and I am running for both because I love being an officer and I believe I would be good in either position. I enjoy being a part of drama and thespian because I plan on being a drama teacher in the future. I'm a great leader, and I always make sure I have good grades, so I'm able to attend all our officer meetings, and I always attend all our thespian meetings as well. I'm very friendly and flexible, and I'd like to continue to make thespian a safe place for everyone like it has been for me since middle school. I'd also like to see a bigger number of people attending thespian events, and while we have been working on that this past year, we can always do better, and I do have quite a few ideas, such as putting on more one acts and talent shows and such things that anyone can participate in. As for why I would be excellent in the positions I'm running for, I would be a good historian because I have an artistic eye and I enjoy taking photos. I would also be a great clerk because I'm very organized and am most likely going to be in a college math class next year, so I'm good with numbers. Drama is my passion, and I am honored to have the opportunity to be a part of something so wonderful. Thank you for your consideration!

Megan B. for Clerk/Historian-

Hello! My name is Megan Briggs. I am running for both Clerk and Historian. However, I only want one position so if you vote for me please just choose one not both! I come from a family of thespians and have personally been really into theater since middle school. I would really like for thespian to have more activities that involve the students such as you! I hope you choose me have a great day! Love you bye!!

Saphaera W. for Historian-

Hello everyone! My name is Saphaera Weaver, and I am running for historian. I hope you all have been having a wonderful day and would take the time to consider me as your next thespian historian. I am an incoming sophomore, who has been involved in MHS theatre for all of my freshman year. I was in this years production of All Together Now! and She Kills Monsters. I believe I would make a good historian because I always make it a priority to have the best of grades which would allow me to attend any and all officer meetings. I also love taking candid pictures and videos. It allows me to truly capture the emotions of that moment which is important to properly advertising and showing off our program. I've been in drama club since the sixth grade and although I've never been an officer, I know what it takes to run a successful club. I am entirely dedicated to theatre and our program and because of this I want thespian to be a safe space for everyone. Theatre is a big part of my life and is involved in what makes me really truly happy, I want everyone to have that kind of happiness in their lives. I would love to be able to be apart of someone's life like that by making thespian a safe space for all. I would like to be able to push to get our program out to everyone who would be interested in participating. I believe one of the biggest reasons we have a low number of people attending thespian society is because not everyone knows about it or they don't want to attend something they know nothing about. It is a necessity to show the school what our program is and what it consists of so they will know if they would have an interest in it or not. I believe thespian society can become a introduction to theatre and a place of pure happiness. I would love to be your future historian so I can capture these joyful moments. My experience and passion will make me your best choice for historian. Thank you for your time and for considering me as your future historian. Have a great day!

All nominees must be inducted into ITS or actively on their way to doing so with documented Thespian points.

Make sure to read through descriptions and responsibilities before applying.

Written nominations for those running will be posted to so members have an idea of who is running. To be posted as they are submitted.

Friday, April 15th- Deadline to run for office (now closed)

Friday, April 22nd- Thespian meeting- speeches given and voting begins.

Voting will end Tuesday, April 26th at midnight.

Monday, May 2nd @ 7 PM- Officers will be announced and sworn into office at our Annual Award Ceremony

Thespian Officers Descriptions

Our 5 officers plan, organize, and run our Thespian meetings and events. Their responsibilities are detailed below:

All Officers (president, vice president, secretary, clerk, historian) - attend all officer meetings during CCRC Wednesdays and Fridays to plan upcoming Thespian meetings with agenda items and improv games, plan and execute theatre fundraisers, organize meet ups to attend other schools' productions, and organize middle and elementary school outreach. They assist with publicity for upcoming productions. Officers greet all members at all functions, and run and participate in all Thespian meetings. All officers must be existing ITS members or be actively working towards their induction.

  • if unable to attend or will be late to officer meetings or Thespian meetings - officers let troupe director and/or other officers know as soon as possible so they can plan for their absence

President - responsible for assisting troupe director, lead Thespian meetings with specific agendas, organize activities, and upholds troupe expectations, as well as organize events and our annual award ceremony.

Vice President - responsible for assisting president in all activities, and serves as president when the president can not be present.

Secretary - keeps track of agendas and minutes for Thespian meetings, and references previous year's minutes as needed for planning purposes.

Clerk - responsible for maintaining accurate point records (including up-to-date contact information) and making them available for each student’s personal review and to the director when designating honors at awards ceremonies. Serves as secretary when secretary is not present.

Historian - responsible for documenting activities through photography and videography, and posting it to our Schoology group, as well as providing photos/videos to director to use on website and social media.