Drama Workshop 1 & 2

"Beginning Acting"

Beginning Drama Class Syllabus.pdf

Insights from Class

“My favorite elements of drama class is that we always have laughs. I also love that Mrs. G pushes us even when she doesn’t have to.”- Reece B.

“Some ways drama changed me since the first week is I am a lot more confident to go up in crowds of people. I feel more confident to do this now because I know that most people also feel this way so I won’t get judged. One way I surprised myself in drama is memorizing lines. This was surprising for myself because I personally feel like I can’t remember anything. “ - anonymous

“One of the first moments that surprised me was when I first got on the stage since I was very afraid of performing in front of others. So when it was my time to perform I didn't think I could but I wouldn’t let my stage fright affect my grades. Another moment where I was very proud of myself was that I was able to work with others and expires my opinion even though I was shy. I’ve never been a confident person but the moment I entered drama the first thing Mrs. Goodwin said, "In this class we will boost our self-confidence and we will work to get rid of or work with our stage fright". That is when my heart started to beat quickly thinking we would need to stand in front of the class and introduce ourselves. But as I was getting ready to stand in front of the class getting ready to embarrass myself she said we would be playing a game which left me confused since I did not know what was going on all I knew was that it was better than introducing myself. ” – Jessica H-A

 “My favorite thing about this class is how active we are and we get to move around and be ourselves on a stage. I also love the minigames because they teach us something and we have fun at the same time.”- Eric M.

“One way I surprised myself in this class was how I had started to be more open, funny, or my work on memorization. I was surprised of this was because I needed to work on my people skills and thought I wasn’t all that funny. A proud moment for me in drama class was how good i was doing my projects which always required memorization and even making a story of our own like an example was throwing the soup on the ground and my expressive emotions. Another change was how open I was of partners and my creativity of movements, positions, and story making as I’ve changed to be more creative too. Lastly, a skill I had gained was my acting skills as in the first week I stuttered on my words, didn’t talk loud enough, forgot lines, and how I faced an audience.”- Semaj W.


“I came into class once really upset and Mrs. G told me the cool thing about acting was putting yourself into the shoes of another person. I have used this often and it’s really helped me.”- anonymous


 “My favorite project is the fractured fairytale. It was my favorite because we did something that was totally did something different with the storyline from the movies. I really enjoyed that project, and working with the people that did it with me.”- anonymous


“My most favorite project was the video voice-over, because of other people's performances. It was my favorite project because of how creative people can get, and how there was different scenarios despite having the same scene.  In addition, most of the scenes that people did were funny, and was pretty fun to hear and watch.”- anonymous


“My favorite project from this school year would be our musical lip-dub project. This project was very fun to work on with my partner and it allowed me to be in the acting field that I personally enjoy, that being musical theater. The project was challenging and fun, it left a lot of space for improv and for creativity when it came to choreography and how the song would be performed.”- MaryJane D.


“My favorite project was most definitely Almost Maine script because it was very challenging but also was an assignment that helped me grow. I also had a great teammate, we both grew together and helped each other. Also, Almost Maine had plenty variations to choose so it made the play much more fun and not basic.”- anonymous


Everything I did in drama class helped me a lot to improve and grow. Some of my favorite elements in class were the improv games that we did. They helped me a lot in my participation. Some improv activities were a bit difficult for me but they helped a lot.”- Allison D.


“This class has been my favorite throughout the entire school year. There never really a dull moment in drama or around Mrs. G! This class is also a great way to break out of your shell and try new things!” - Jadyn I.

Advice from Previous Drama 1 & 2 Students

“Some advice that i have for incoming drama students is don’t be afraid. Be yourself and let people help you. If you don’t want to be in this class but still have to be, make the best of it because if you don’t you are going to be miserable and it goes by slower.”-Reece B.

“My advice to new people coming to drama is to just deal with it. It will get kind of scary at times but just have fun with it and try your best. Although it might be embarrassing it doesn’t matter because every one is doing the same thing .”- Daryan O.M.

“Don’t be on your phone. It’s just annoying to people trying to engage. You’re not in class for that long just put it away.”- anonymous

“The advice I would give is to have an open mind. I would give this advice because I didn't have a open mind when I first arrived in drama and I was certain that I wouldn't like it. It all changed when I decided to stay and try something new that I wouldn't have otherwise done. It was a lot of fun when I stayed and started getting more active in class activities and more involved with my classmates. “ - anonymous

“Drama class has allowed me to be more aware of my emotions and have a better understanding of them. These skills have grown because ever since my first week in school I was given projects were in order for me to pass I have to excess emotions I’m familiar with by using facial expression and body language. Which usually I never paid any mind to those things but since I’ve been in Drama I have been more aware.” - anonymous


“The advice i would give is to just do what you gotta do. It does take time and effort, and i know that you may not have the motivation to do it, but if you do what you’re supposed to then it won’t be a big deal. “- Taylor S.

“Don’t eat gum in the theater it affects your acting. Don’t bring drinks in the theater cause when the drink spills it gets everywhere- trust me; I know by experience.”- CJ A.

“Make sure you participate. If no one participates then there is no fun and everything is just awkward. Participate in everything and go to Thespian meetings because they are a great chance to make friends.” -Aja P.

“Never be afraid to be your authentic self in drama. Everyone is a bit weird in drama class anyway, so embrace it! You’ll have a lot of fun if you do.”- Freddy R.