Thespian Troupe 2959

Induction and Points

To be inducted into our Troupe's International Thespian Society, you need to earn, document, and log 10 Thespian points with our Troupe's clerk. 

A one time $35 induction fee also applies. 

Point break downs are as follows, per International Thespian Society guidelines:

Once inducted, members have the following benefits: 

Inductees receive:

Members can also put their membership on college applications and scholarships.

Inducted seniors can audition to earn scholarships at Colorado's Annual ThesCon Conference. 

ITS Honors Ribbon (20 points)

Star Pin 

(for every 10 points)

Thespian Varsity  Letter (25 points)

Graduation Honor Cord 

(50 points)

Honor Thespian Letter 

(60 points)

Additional awards: