Stagecraft Class

Stage Craft Class Syllabus.pdf

Insights from Class

“I think I’ve specifically changed in two main ways- my creative application and my motivation. I say creative application because I was able to use my creative side of my brain that I haven’t used much in a decently long time to brainstorm things and create them for the play (mainly costumes). In the motivation department, it’s because I was thinking more creatively so that I was able to get my motivation back and start wanting to be here for the play and the team.” - Connor R.

“I grew in independence by tackling problems on my own, as opposed to first semester where I asked the teacher questions all the time about simple to solve tasks (problem solving). I also grew in collaboration because at the start of the year I found it hard to work with some people weather they were stubborn or just had different views. But towards the end I found that I could work with others better than I had.”- Elijah F.

“I kind of surprised myself by actually using the tools without accidentally hurting myself because the whole year I’ve never accidently hurt myself. I’m most proud of the teamwork and effort everyone put in. Honestly really proud of everything everyone has done because we did need teamwork but everyone help everyone and in the end it worked out. I feel like I changed in creativity; mostly in making it up on how I should do this or that. At the start of the year, I thought I had to do stuff in a certain way. At the end of the year, I kept getting ideas of what to do and what to draw in my personal life.”- Anna

 “Some ways I’ve changed since the first week in class would be critical thinking, because this class sometimes required you to move and think fast to get a project done in time. I would also say creativity because in a couple cases we had a limited supply of materials so we had to stretch them to complete the project meaning we had to get creative to complete the project.”- Kuron R.

 “There would be nothing to change about this class. My favorite element was becoming best friends with a classmate, and making a great bond with the teacher. It was always fun in this class; I would never get bored, and this class would always get my day started it would wake me up and make me ready for my next classes of the day.” – Oswaldo S-M.

Advice from Previous Students

“Stay positive even when you feel like you're falling apart, Goodwin will help you along your path of getting out of your bubble and she'll help you open your opportunities. This room is one of the best to try new things as well as its the safest, nonjudgmental atmosphere you'll go in to. Be yourself and be brave! You got this!”- Mia R.

“Do your best and remember don't let your ambitions keep you having fun. Because this will be the class that you will have the most fun in.” – Elijah F.

“My advice is don’t underestimate this class. There is a lot of dangerous machinery here, and many large things to get hurt on.” – Atreyu G.

“The advice I’d give students going into stagecraft would be to not put limits on your creativity. In the end, that the play would be unlike anybody else’s. If you put some of your ideas into the tech in the play then you’ll feel happy because you can clearly see you put effort into it, and you can feel proud of yourself seeing you work on stage. Remember if your having a creativity block, think about other people’s work like in comics or movies, even eras of time like the 1800s,1900s, and 2000's maybe even further back than that. While reading the script paint images in your mind of what you feel everything would look like.”- Anna


“Be willing to cooperate and communicate with other people.”- Damion L.


“Some advice I would have for apprehensive incoming tech theatre class members would be to stay calm and confident, and ask for help when you need it. I say stay calm and confident because when you aren't doing that, your ability to work will be sloppy and then won’t be good for both the actor and you. You should also stay confident because many times a job will be assigned to you and if it isn't completed then it could mess up everyone so just believe that you can do it. I would also ask for help or search the web if you come across a problem because sometimes what you're doing can be very unfamiliar. For me it was stitching and making costumes, and to get through that I asked for help instead of waiting around for an idea to come. Sometimes that's the best thing you can do is involve multiple people.”- Kuron R.


“Don’t be afraid to try new things. Get out of your bubble and talk to others and get to know the other students. Don't be worried, Mrs. G is really AMAZING!! Try to have fun. Work together as a team. Grow yourself and your skills. There is no better place than in this room.”- Alexandria R.


“I definitely grew in teamwork and in ‘you don't have to take on too many tasks thing. Our first few weeks was us adapting to some of the people around us and it was us working with people we didn't know, so it really helped with getting out of my comfort zone. When it comes to how far I've gotten throughout the year I've changed a lot considering the people that I was working with and how to tone switch with certain people. I think my peopling skills have gotten better.”- Mia R.


"If you find yourself interested in working in small teams to make props, sets, or costumes for a play, sign up. You won’t regret it because you’ll find a second family that’ll help you through the times in which you’re struggling to make anything. Everyone in the class is creative and accepting.” – Connor R.