A Night of One Acts & Improv

Friday, May 10th at 6 PM

Tickets: suggested donation of $5- but we'll take anyone who can make it with empty pockets!


by Christian Kiley through TheatreFolk

Life is a little different for Ani. She talks to her coffee pot and alarm clock. She even talks to her toaster. Is she living in a happy, carefree kids’ show or is it something more serious? What if you talk to inanimate objects and they talk back? What if they write hate texts to your friends? Try to control you? Make you stay inside with the blinds drawn and the lights turned down low? What if Ani’s life is not happy at all?


a combined effort of troupe members of Mitchell High School

"Can I get a suggestion for....." and there the magic happens. 

With audience input, our improv troupes spin stories on the spot through a series of improvisational games and set-ups. Get ready to laugh and be a part of the action.

The Greek Mythology Olympiaganza: Iliad! Iliad! Iliad! 

by Don Zolidis from Playscripts Inc.

Complete with little green army men, a beauty pageant, and warring narrators, this is The Iliadas you've never seen it before. Two narrators have a blast recreating Homer's quintessential epic myth at a rapid pace and in wildly varying styles, as it morphs seamlessly from a musical, a modern drama, and a bizarre one-man show. This side-splitting parody is both hysterical and historical -- the perfect opportunity to laugh while you learn! 

Iliad! Dress Rehearsal