What happens when high school cliques collide over love?

Vanessa is the new popular girl to town. Ben, a band geek, is falling for Vanessa from afar. Ryan, the football quarterback is also into Vanessa, but doesn't know how to talk to her. Ben agrees to write to Vanessa for Ryan in exchange for social ladder collateral- but at what cost?

Mistaken identities, social drama, and love.

A musical revue written by Holly Haverkorn returns to Mitchell's Potter Street Theatre this November. 

Clash of Cliques Character List

BEN STURGESS- (tenor)- Smart, musically inclined, and desperate to be accepted.  While his future looks bright, his life at the present is spent avoiding the bullies on the football team and pining over the love of his life, Vanessa. (2 solos & 3 duets)

RYAN PRICE- (baritone or tenor)- Football star, high school hero, and all around popular kid. His only problem is translating his skills on the field to his dating life. Comedic performer. (1 solo & 1 duet)

CASEY RICHARDS- (alto)- Ben’s best friend and leader of the senior high rebellion. Independent, strong, heavily sarcastic and fully in love with Ben. (1 duet & 1 quartet)

VANESSA GILROY- (soprano)- New girl in town and latest addition to the mean girls group on campus. She’s beautiful, sweet, and naïve: classic ingénue. (1 trio & 1 quartet)

LINDSEY- (alto)- Leader of the mean girl’s group. Full of attitude and judgment.  Her ultimate goal to improve her own social standing by improving the standing of those in her immediate group. (1 solo & 1 trio & 1 quartet)

KIM- (soprano)- Member of the mean girls group. She’s not the brightest crayon in the box, and ultimately follows Lindsey’s lead.  While she can come across as nasty, she’s always acting on best intentions. ( 1 solo & 1 trio & 1 quartet)

DENNIS- (tenor)- The ultimate band nerd. He loves what he does and is VERY proud of it. He’s friends with Ben and is most often seen in his company along with Casey. Prone to telling corny music jokes at every opportunity. (1 duet)

MS. NICHOLS- English teacher and sometimes narrator of the show. She seems to know everything that’s going on in and out of her classroom. (1 solo)

BLAKE KAHLER- Football player and close friend of Ryan’s. Blake is proud of his social status and tends to lean a little on the misogynistic side.

JEREMY PETERSON- The third in the football trio. Jeremy is comfortable with his popularity, but doesn’t flaunt it. He is dating Kim. 

MRS. PRICE- Ryan’s mother and the head of the PTA Booster.

CARA- Obsessed with Ryan…. Stalker-ish. Comedic actress.